poem twenty nine: a laudation

I’m putting the intro here first, because this poem was actually mentally and physically hard to write. It’s a laudation, and I got the prompt here from Jo Bell’s 2013 prompts. You actually have to be super kind to yourself and sing your own praises with one of these. It was an enormous challenge but also kind of satisfying at the moment. Won’t be making a habit of it though … 😉


Kate, you are astonishing, you are tough.
What hasn’t killed you actually does make
you stronger – even Nietzsche bows down
to you, is flattened by your ability to see
the emptiness of the world, and smile anyway
the futility of caring, but love anyway.

You’re a force of nature, forever creating
or crumpling up and beginning again.
You always want to tell the truth
you are not afraid of your feelings
and you own every action you do, for better
or for worse. You own your pain, your mistakes.

Kate, you are beautiful, you are the sexiest
hippy grunge pixie the world has ever seen –
no one wears patchwork hair and literary tattoos
like you. You wear your tears like a song, like art
you make beauty from misery whenever possible.

You are, as they say, in the business of being rad.
Rock on, Kate. You have a common name, but there’s only one of you.


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