poem twenty: a change is as good as a rest

Above our heads the
sky in a grey cloak of clouds
reminds us we must come
home to truth. You and
I forget ourselves. I have to go
further all the time, providing
relief from the stretch of days; ‘a
change is as good as a rest’
as they say. And you leave for
good, or so you hope, to see all
the hues of blue in the oceans, the
cluttered galaxy, when I only see the moon
like all the other blinkered viewers.


So this poem is a golden shovel. The form is from the official NaPoWriMo prompt for day five. The ends of all the lines in my poem can be read top to bottom as this haiku by Basho:

The clouds come and go
providing a rest for all
the moon viewers

Also a thanks to Simon over at Adrenalin Ghosts for quoting ‘a change is as good as a rest’ at me on twitter last week. Having that quote fresh in my mind made this poem easier to write, and now it’s also the title.


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