poem thirteen: hope & lavender

This is a good place to start
a discussion on growing hope.

Hope is best planted between
April & May, as the soil is warming.

You can always grow your hope
in pots and move it to follow the sun.

Hope does not break readily from old
wood; neglected specimens are best replaced.

How will you use this lovely hope
you’ll be growing?

The use of hope has been documented
for thousands of years.

Hope may be very effective with wounds,
& an effective treatment of neurological disorders.

To bring love your way,
carry hope in a sachet.


This isn’t *exactly* a finished poem, but it’s from the day twelve prompt on the official site. A replacement poem. Pick a tangible noun – I picked ‘lavender’ – then pick an intangible noun – in this case, ‘hope’. Then I looked up articles about lavender, chose some sentences, and replaced ‘lavender’ with ‘hope’. (I used the RHS, Wikipedia & About.com for my sentences.)


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