poem nine: into the trees

Once in awhile she takes off walking
into the trees, follows the stream
downhill, listens to the water burble
and gossip with forgotten blue bicycles.
She’ll say ‘darling, do not fear for me –
I’ve been here before. I know where I am.’
You’ve heard the stories, the girlfriend
of a friend of a friend, attacked whilst
walking her dog, in the same woods.
But Marian refuses to hear you, she only
hears the crack and sizzle of the bonfire
pit, and the magpies’ call, building a mystery.


This was a prompt. Oh yes. Day Nine’s official prompt: shuffle up five random songs and use the titles in your poem. I couldn’t really resist that one.

My five songs:

‘Building a Mystery’ by Sarah McLachlan
‘Girlfriend’ by Matthew Sweet
‘Darlin Do Not Fear’ by Brett Dennen
‘Once in Awhile’ by Dishwalla
‘Marian’ by Sisters of Mercy

So there we are.


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