poem seven: a charm against heartbreak

the cinnamon scent of handmade perfume
and sandalwood smoke as it fills up a room

the flow of a river, the swish of a skirt
six cushions to land on, to lessen the hurt

the sting and the fever of brand new tattoos
heavy black eyeliner, heavier boots

rain on my window, well written prose
a large glass of wine, and secondhand clothes

a double espresso, a cup of chai tea
a perfect blue sky set against bright green leaves

keep all of these close, heart, stay strong & be brave –
I will not lock you up, or hide you away.


Yes, today I bring you rhyme and whimsy because of this prompt from day three – write a charm. The subject is still reflecting my not-entirely-happy place (lately I have what I believe the cool kids call “all of the feels”), but I’m tired of writing poems that make people sad. So this is my twee way of avoiding that today. It’s just a list of things that make me feel better and an instruction to myself. I was once a devout pagan – I hope sharing this for NaPo doesn’t make the charm null and void. I do need it to work. 😉


Hear a slightly edited audio version of this on SoundCloud, ‘A charm for healing hearts’.


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