poem twenty-nine: barddoniaeth

Well the prompt for Day 29 was to use five foreign language words in a poem. This isn’t great, because I keep doing things in a rush, but any excuse for Wenglish (Welsh/English). It’s about my well known goal in life (amongst my friends, anyway) to one day be a crone hermit in Snowdonia writing the best poetry I’ve ever written in my life and unlocking the secrets of the universe.

It’ll happen! It will!


One day, when I am old,
I will leave the city,
leave England behind
for Eryri, and live
as a meudwy, writing
poems up the sides
of mountains.

Sometimes I will travel
to the sea, meditate amongst
the caregos, tywod, learn
the language, and build new
fairytales from every llwydnos,
perfecting my solitude
in a land where the dirt
still breathes the molecules
of my ancestors.

barddoniaeth – poetry; Eryri – Snowdonia; meudwy – hermit; caregos – pebbles; tywod – sand; llwydnos – twilight


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