poem twenty-eight: lamb chop’s collar

Again, a prompt! One from this site, that says to use at least six words from the list, and write the poem in the form of a letter or speech. (Words I used: horses, adolescent, autumn leaves, necklace, lamb chop, country rock, mother, scamper[ing], zap, bankrupt. I just couldn’t find a place for “no duh” and “Tikrit”.)

I don’t know who this guy is, or his dog, or his mum, or his band – but they seem to have been waiting around inside my head for just this exercise.


Dear Mother,

Thanks so much for our Lamb Chop’s
collar, it’s almost like a necklace
with the chain and charms – horses, autumn
leaves – so pretty. I hope you didn’t bankrupt
yourself getting it for her. She’s been
scampering around the neighbourhood
wearing it, showing it off to the bull terrier
and poodle down the road – a typical
adolescent! Anyway yes, the concert went
fine. Lots of country rock with this band, not
what I’m used to singing, but it’s good
to push ourselves sometimes. When we
play again you’ll have to come along.

Love from your favourite son,


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