poem twenty-two: sitting

This poem is from a prompt found here, to write a poem without adjectives. A good exercise, if I do say so myself, as on our creative writing course we are often reminded that nouns and verbs are more important in a poem than adjectives.

Also yesterday evening was … yellow … in Sheffield. I chose to describe this without adjectives. I think I managed it.


Sit, sit. Settle your backside
on a cushion the colour
of plums, and cross your legs.
Breathe in air from this room
full of sunlight shining through
clouds like lemonade.
It is evening. It is spring.
Breathe. Sit.
Sit in the air, breathe in the light.


2 thoughts on “poem twenty-two: sitting

  1. I love this one – thanks for sharing! Another interesting exercise I can give myself to do at the weekend. What a wonderful word “lemonade” is – I’d forgotten 🙂

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