poem twenty-three: a shakespearean sonnet for shakespeare day

23 April is when we celebrate Shakespeare’s birth and death (he likely died on his own birthday).

So in keeping with wishing everyone a Happy Shakespeare Day, this is (once again – see Day 9) a really bad Shakespearean sonnet, this time about my relationship with Shakespeare’s work. It feels like this poem should end on a winky face emoticon, if I’m honest. But there it is.


In high school English class, back in the States
We all read Romeo and Juliet.
Though now it’s not a story to my taste,
Back then it was the best thing I’d read yet.

One teacher asked, when I was five or six,
Had I heard about The Taming of the Shrew?
Because at every turn I would insist
“Don’t call me Kate! It’s Katherine to you!”

Then I grew up and moved across the ocean
To England, Shakespeare’s noble place of birth.
Whilst working in a book shop down in London
I found more worlds of tragedy and mirth.

For decades now the words have gifted treasure
To this girl – little, but fierce – measure for measure.


2 thoughts on “poem twenty-three: a shakespearean sonnet for shakespeare day

    • Ah did you do one as well? Amazing! I need to catch up w/ today’s reading – started the poem before I left for uni, posted as soon as I got in. So I’ve posted but not read anything yet!

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