“poem” nineteen: a “translation” poem

Well. I’ve used the Day 16 NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 19 (this is approximately how long it takes me to see the prompts: three days), and I can safely say the following is NOT much of a poem …

It was, however, an interesting exercise in stretching my vocabulary, and oddly enough, will definitely be one or more real poems one day. Some amazing images came to mind writing this.

I used this poem by Marijana Radmilovic as a guide, and allowed my right brain to “translate” the shapes of the Croatian words into similar shaped English ones.

Good luck reading this one, ladies and gents …


Necklace-like opportunity, poverty boils you,
skidding body to body, the malachite or topaz agenda.
Anime koi spare others from the video,
the necromancers secrete spells viscerally,
the cream of the government – same as sorbet.
She smokes crayfish at a nice price
now anime koi ostracise naked cement dubstep
with useless gloves, tattered cement in Gucci;
pigeons nap in a nest.
A City cement impostor procures sorbet
rejected by tureens of rice, tortillas –
inane is the progressive smog of amnesia.
The ultimate zealot tamed a nasty ostentatious alcoholic,
seated on a lily-pad the immovable magnitude of paprika, scenes and radicals.
You love me with tentacles moving the same as static innovation.
My zazen nemesis with jedi drugs vibrates vice.


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