poem three: zen cat

Zen cat says “woof!”

She wants me to hand over the beads.
She tries to tell me there are no beads
and there is no cat, no me,

so just hand over the beads.
And when I argue she smacks
me with her paw and smiles.

Maybe she is a feline incarnation
of a great master (her belief in not harming
sentient beings forgotten, as the moth

in the kitchen could attest, if it still
lived), sent to teach me things
that cannot be taught with words

or thoughts. And either way, she does
love to play with bits of wood
and a tassel laced on string.

“Meow” Zen cat says, “I was only joking.”

photo (41)


(Our Mimi-cat with my her mala beads.)


6 thoughts on “poem three: zen cat

  1. Love it! I have a Zen master kitty too. She teaches Soto Zen. She sits on my lap and teaches me to just sit. Even though I can’t reach anything like my tea or my book.

    • Haha brilliant, she sounds like a great and wise teacher 😉 My actual practised Buddhism is more Tibetan, I’d say … but sometimes I think cats *are* Zen koans – little living, breathing riddles 🙂

  2. Cats do have a sense of humor …but this poem is no joke…

    Miss our cat. She was with us for 21 years. Just can pull the trigger to get another meow.


    • Sorry to hear about your cat, Doug. 21 years is a good life for a cat though. We had one that lived that long but it’s pretty rare.

      Also sorry for late reply – I try to reply to all comments, but had family visiting from the states (dad + stepmom + siblings). I hadn’t seen them for 13 years. Had to do yesterday’s poem today … two poem day today.

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