poem two: growing like a

He spins in wide circles,
trying to shake the sudden
surge inside his head.

I’d said, you’re growing like a weed!

He said
to stop saying he’s growing
like a weed, he said
he’s not like a weed at all. He said
weeds are bad, unwanted.

And then he started spinning.

And he spins.

I say
No sweetheart, no, weeds grow
fast. And not all weeds are
bad: nettle tea, dandelion wine,
clover smells sweet in late
afternoon sunshine.

And he stops to look at me.

I say
I love you
and you could not be more
wanted. And you are sweet
like clover, and lucky like
the ones with four leaves, too.

And he smiles (smiles: bright,
common, but suddenly beautiful, like
the first dandelion heads in early summer).

I love you too, Mum.

My son hugs me (hugs: rare,
special, also like four leaf clovers)

and I have to reconsider
my use of simile and metaphor.



*(Today is World Autism Awareness / Acceptance Day. This poem is for my eldest boy, who is autistic, and definitely my four leaf clover.)


16 thoughts on “poem two: growing like a

  1. Your eldest boy must be proud of his Mum, I would be if I had had a poem like this written about me. Four leaf clovers are rare things but they do come along and they’re precious. Nicky

    • Thank you, Nicky. And in fairness all of my boys are special to me – so many poems to be written just about these three (and some have been written already hehe).

    • Thanks Mia! And for checking out my NaPoWriMo blog. You’ve just reminded me by commenting on this that I used an edited version last night (can’t leave things alone!), so need to update this one 🙂

      Scribble was fab, everyone’s stories were so amazing. Looking forward to the next one!

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